1st Tunisian Photobloggers meetup

Last Friday February 9, 2007 we made the first photobloggers meetup as photoblogging become a prominent activity over the Tunisian blogoshpere, the talk was exclusively about photos (despite Bloggers meetups) and we were honored by our special guest M. Terry king an American living in Tunisia since 2 years and actively practicing and teaching photography.
We are a bit ashamed as we come without our showcase, Terry and Haythem Salhi (aka shay) were the only who showed us their works, especially Terry who got most of his works printed and we shared the emotion while he was showing them one by one and telling us where and how did he take that and that photo, Shay did brought up his laptop and showed us excellent photos that he haven’t unfortunally published yet.
We have already agreed to start getting our and taking photos, exchanging techniques as most of use are simply novice and haven’t even the basics of photography, we shall go somewhere next weeks, try to have an eye on our news group.
Finally I thank all those who made it there, especially our friend Saied Dardour who despite his short holiday in Tunisia, he come aboard from Sousse, thanks you all guys !
So, those are this is the list of the participants with respective links, try to take a look to their works :
– Terry King .
– Dismalden.
– Stuepeur.
– Seif.
– 3oth.
– Said Dardour.
– Shay.
– Me.
You can watch an interesting video in Saied’s blog, take a look at the gallery, or just get to my Photolog.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mira says:

    j’aurais bien voulu y

  2. Oussama says:

    Lucky you! I guess that you spent a very special time. Well, it is very great that there started to be Tunisian Photobloggers meetups. I remember the Red Moon. It was where I last met one of my American friends. It is cool but expensive. Anyway, I like your blog Karim and I like the photos. Keep going and keep blogging in English but be careful of mistakes.

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