Simply, me

karim2k mouse hunter ben abdallah abdel karim
While getting back from Beja, I ignored the driver beside me and sinked into a child’s first day school silence counting the trees ahead
The me is a so complicated thing to fit into a single post or even a whole blog, a set of thoughts thrown down a failure taste, a smashed boy up the unhappy circumstances, a warrior in a virtual war where my mad and dark shadow keeps wining the battle while I rely on the wall exhausted and self-doubting.
Like every year I have been so far from my primal objectives, I’ve been so mad, wasted than ever, but don’t worry I’m learning fast and making up the rights steps faster, the next year the Karim2k would be a smarter person, with no more trouble, just happiness all around (you can always run kariman).
I’m willing to change,or maybe just getting back that smiling kid from Zaghouan or where ever he is, I’ll make his simple personality work again in a garden where the green is the dominating color and the joy is the only smell.
I know that many of you understand this hysteria, they would be kind if they believe on because I need more so few to give my best.
Happy year and Aid to …Me. (Am I so selfish ?)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Hannibal says:

    Great post Karim!Although I read it twice;)Just one observation why this veil of sadness hanging over your eyes?:)) SMILE dude and Happy New Year and Eidik Mabrouk:)

  2. moez says:

    ya karim eddinia ne m

  3. exblonde says:

    des resolutions a tenir a3da;-) bon courage pour tt ce que tu vas entreprendre pour cette nouvelle ann

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