VHS Kahloucha : the new face of the Tunisian Cinema

Moncef Kahloucha earns its living as house painter. But its activities are far from stopping covering the walls of white. It projects there especially many colors. Because Moncef Kahloucha is a scenario writer at his hours, but also actor, decorator, producer, graphic designer, distributor, owner, etc Films of gangsters, picturesque remake of Tarzan entitled “Tarzan of Arabic”, all the kinds are requested, as well as its neighbors and friends, their house and their furniture, are energized for the cause. Always turned in its village with the means of the edge, the films are projected, the completed assembly, with the spectators of the vintage before the cassettes do not circulate until in the rooms of exiled, hilarious to recognize their familiar under various getups. If in this first film, Nejib Belkadhi pays homage to the passion of the cinema, it celebrates especially the energy whose population decided to grow rich, refusing by the dream, the easy way and the joy, the oppression of misery.

VHS kahloucha

Far away from the classic [and dirty] Tunisian Cinema scene, VHS Kahloucha is a total cut down stylish and new brand of how to making real Tunisian movies, the story is such basic that it could happen everyday at any Tunisian city (with less noise), the equipment used for the filming is a set of hand cameras and a lot of courage, featuring everyday peopole in ordinary plays making daily Tunisian life style.
The movie’s original sound track is as original as the movie itself, it comes straight out of the Tunisian underground music scene, where the only ambition is making music such as the excellent and beloved Zemeken and Neshez who do not make part of the Tunisian music industry (as industrial as the sheep’s wool) while their music is great and sounds so Tunisian.

VHS kahloucha

I’ve found thousands of material related to the movie, unlike other Tunisian successful movies, the Nejib Belkhathi’s master piece has already won international rewards and respect, lately it was nominated for the 3th Dubai movies festival.

VHS kahloucha

A special preview projection is under the works in an undisclosed location for only bloggers this December 31th, I’m really excited to see how good it is after missing it in the last Tunisian Documentary films festival. The movie will be released next January 8th, 2007 in theaters.
[Kahloucha Official Site]
[Kahloucha Making of]
[Some videos Excerpts at dilymotion]
[Some videos Excerpts at Youtube]
P.S: VHS Kahloucha is the first Tunisian movie with dedicated blogs :
[Kahloucha Diary]
[Kahloucha movie assembler]
[Kahloucha’s producer]


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi
    It’s great you have posted this message about our film. thank you for the attention. tomorrow we’re showing the film to the bloggers, and I feel it’s gonna be fun. I will be posting pics and videos of the screening tomorrow.
    Thank you again.

  2. Sadok says:

    i wonna adress a special dedicass for Nejib and all his team for the great effort that have been done.
    thank you
    ps: please excuse my english

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