Today, I give up blogging

Last Sunday, me and Adib , at the beginning of the last meetup got a wide discussion about the new fashion where a blogger stops being blogger for some reason, after a bunch of post and a couple of meetups.
The point is, that those who expressed their need to cut the edge and go away, is almost nasty : why do you want to stop blogging ? why giving up a so smart project ? personal issues ? job pressure ? unfortunate blogging career ? all that is not enough to go down, while you can still climb to the top of your own emotions by sponsoring other’s thoughts.
Every blogger is a different thing and every blog is apart world, and this galaxy needs all those stars to keep working, we need you all, and none could be spared or cast away, if you ever felt a bit sad and didn’t stand your blogging experience, then just make a break as long as it could bring you back with more energy, remember that sometimes I’ve got two months of non blogging at all (take a look at my archives), since I have never even thought of a single time to stop blogging.
Even if many bloggers think that they should pimp their blogs with hundreds of posts a month, they have to know that a blog can go on succeed with fewer posts, so keep on the queue, take a breath and never give up blogging unless you’ve switched your interests such as swifty who moved from simple blogging to photoblogging.
P.S. : I’m still blogging, the sentence above is about those who stop blogging.


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  1. just to mention that bidules “” has stopped blogging

  2. snawsi says:

    @Aymen : why did Bidules do so ? why didn’t he just shift his energy to focus on a new style like you did?
    Why people don’t blog for themselves before blogging for others? why it sounds like winning a competition of how many comments? visitors a blog has?
    why it turns personal? why it turns into judgment? aren’t we already judged and misjudged enough?

  3. Sami III says:

    I blog mainly for my self, to express what every one can’t tell loud enough in real world, then for others to share what i think about, and what i think can be useful for others, but if someone break the link once, i dont know if i can restart…
    virtual freedom is too much for us…

  4. zyed says:

    “you can still climb to the top of your own emotions by sponsoring other’s thoughts”
    a good definition of what blogging is !very well said

  5. zyed says:

    j’arrive pas a trouver ton mail sur tes deux blog! j’en ai besoin
    j’ai une info a te demander

  6. snawsi: bidules a ses raisons c’est certain,il est libre de les d

  7. elgreco says:

    Le Blog est une ouverture au monde
    Une ouverture

  8. bidules says:

    J’ai fait comme Khaled 7osni, 3alla9t essabat et puis je vais devenir commentateur !!! Mais, attention, je suis comme Lionel Jospin !!

  9. samitriani says:

    We blog for ourselves. We’re not looking for success (since it’s not commercial). A Blog is initially a place where we express ourseleves freely and talk about as …
    I don’t think we should consider bloggers as a community and I don’t think we should care for each others. Behaving this way you limity other’s freedom. Everyone is free to do what he wants to do (stop or continue or whatever)

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