War photographer

war photographer James Nachtwey
I was just watching the Christian Frein multi-awarded documentary “War Phonographer” starring the well know James Nachtwey who used to shoot wars since the 70’s Vietman going through Africa , Kosovo , Afghanistan, Palastine …
The documentary starts with a that famous Robert Capa’s quote “If you’re pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough”, then straight to the devastation of the post war in Kosovo, with demolition everywhere, mutilated corpses and tears all they along.
I was almost shocked for such scenes, and surprised how the phonographer did encapsulate his emotions and kept photographing all the time, beyond misery and frustration, he was an ice cube of dead feelings.
In fact the photographer outlet his personnel reaction as a part of his journalism job, then he must do that evil being to capt the moments without any personnel behavior just like they are.
The documentary was awesome, I did discover how it was interesting and dangerous to be a war photographer and how difficult and painful it was to bring in our truth about wars.
In one word that movie was great, it just filled my engines of photography dreamer with more fuel, I won’t be able to run with soldiers and shoot lied corpses, but at I’ll be happy to take photos of the remaining peace…


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  1. el greco says:

    Ravi d’avoir fait ta connaissance au Meetup du Biwa
    Keep in toutch

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