Can you keep blogging for life ?

This is very crazy question that needs some reflexion, it does not inquiry any special calculation or estimations, because blogging is about how do you feel able to handle writing, and making fun from that bunch of personnel text ?
The answer is more complicated it depends on many things, as if you have really succeed or not , or have you reached the goals you’ve fixed when you’ve started blogging and how are you feeling warm with your blog , or just because that your blog was a limited in time project reaching its end while its use is over, or totally hallucinating and going crazy with every entry.
There is a major fact about all that, how long the blogs would entertain people like you ? perhaps they will invent something more stimulated and blogs will dies small by small ? or that the Web itself becomes obsolete when new technologies will replace your computer with something unthinkable ?
Perhaps blogging for life is such a beautiful idea, and like every idea it depends in circumstances, and if you ask, I’ll tell you that I wish if I can blog more than a single life, because , I just love more than anything in this damn world. and what’s about you ?


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  1. el greco says:

    merci et bravo pour l’organisation de cette amicale rencontre!

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