Changing my life back once for good

I admit it, I have been a nasty boys all those late 4 years I spend in Tunis, I have done as much trouble as good, and so looking back to the disaster I’ve made up from my own hallucinations, I’ve made up my mind to get to Zaghouan, the main reasons are : saving more money, spending more time with my family, giving my little brother Khaled a chance to get closer to his big brother and finishing the works by myself in my 2nd floor won, house.
I’ll be moving everyday between Zaghoaun and Tunis some 40 Minutes for the ride, it should be a bit painful, but I have to endure to catch the me back, a ghost that fled the walls of this cruel city. I wanna just get in peace with my own, get away from all this earth’s fake distraction and start to think of major life facts, such as stability, in the couple of the incoming years I’m willing to establish a family and giving up the youth joy and pain that I’ve fed too much till it got fat and unstable.
I’ll spend a couple of hours in the bus everyday, but I’ll spend hours with my parents and the remaining brothers (my sister got married last November), get more involved with their daily life, joy and problems, talking back to childhood friends and spending the most of my spare time handling my cam over the mountain and the villages all around.
I won’t get back my childhood, but I’m sure I’ll get OK over there, so why staying here anyway ?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hatem says:

    I wish u good luck Karim wherever you are and in whatever you do. Good boy ! 🙂

  2. aymen says:

    inchalla bettawfik dans ce que tu d

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