No roll-back for the veil

It seems that they have been unable to make enough pressure, or they justed let it go as it won’t bother other stuff, the point is that many women are walking the street covered and that’s just an other kind of victory … and deception.
The told stories about students forced to give up their veil are freaky, but almost fictional and amplified tales, but enough convicting to scare many people around by their own insight fear making upon some kind of proud to be one of “them”, the whom stood up against the oppression.
If you’re trusting the media you’re totally served, the things here are quit, everybody telling a story of aggression against covered women is just reporting some other guy’s witnesses, so nobody have really seen the beast, the monster is powerful but it doesn’t exist else in some psychic’s head mixture of TV news and the claim for some action.
Everything is calm over here, nothing have really happened, unless I’m living in an other country, or I’m totally blind. So please stop listening for rumors and lies, just relax, tomorrow we’ll head to the souk together.


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