The scarf crisis

Now, we’ve reached the edge for something that uttered the beginning of something, from one side the government is prohibiting this religious wearing style, while holy people strike for it, the world outside the borders is speaking loudly about the phenemonea, while inside we mutely exchange nothing else : “what’s going on ?”.
Everything here seems calm, perfect and the sky is blue, I have noticed or heard nothing about policemen stopping women wearing scarves despite we have a plenty of them in my office.
In the other hand, we all know the government addiction disapprove it totally as “unconstitutional” and does not feat the country’s ambitions.
between this and that the agitated press all around as BBC and Aljazerah are just reporting anonymous witness, and with unnamed people we can tell everything about anything.
I don’t want to defend or justify something or someone, I went just to know the truth, what’s really happening over here where I’msupposed living the citisenship experience. If me, my friends or all people around haven’t noticed nothing special, tell me justsome cases or some real stories of what’s going on, as our press stuck down with sports and stars last stupid dinner.


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