Tunisian Bloggers meetup 19


The second Ramadan’s Meetup was an other success gathering of bloggers, we were five to break the fatst together inside Al Mida restaurant while outdoors the rain was going crazy, Me and Stupeur, Otherz, Bidyules and the new Kid selmen who is a very close friend have eating and sharing very delicious moments within that excellent supper.


Then we got to the roof tops champion’s mall cafe who was completely flooded with water, so we’ve gone down and settled in the small cafe in the ground floor next to the behind gate that leads to the metro station.
than small by small bloggers come in : Imed, Nuaffrage , Kooli, Swifty and his mysterious anynoumous friend, Seif and his gonna-succeed brother Sahha Kho, then my friend Zied.
The discussion, unlike the weather, were extrmly hot and shiny, we’ve been talking about a bunch of things such as Tn-blogs and the banned blogs, the Hijab and how many bloggers are cheating to gain popularity and hits.
Finally the meetup was very thing, extremely funny and have lasted almost less than 30 TND for both dinner and coffees, which is really a miracle, we’ve planned also to make the next meetup on the roof tops cafe of El hana Hotel one or two weeks after the aid.
Meetup 19 Gallery


5 Comments Add yours

  1. swifty says:

    heureux de te voir encore une fois karim 🙂

  2. houssem says:

    vivement le prochain

  3. ^oth says:

    Nice pics 🙂
    Nice ftour and meet up !
    Cheers !

  4. kaiser says:

    Bonne soir

  5. wissem says:

    khsara ma jitech m3akom

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