Houssein’s clean out job

I totally agree with the man, we have to suspend such blogs, tn-blogs is far to be a robot blog feed syndicate, it’s well maintained by Houssein and that’s a guaranty for quality and transparency.
The Wissem2005 and Egg buster blogs, were enough mistrusting to be throw from the window a long time ago, in fact they have never been blogs, such a myspace or skyblog rubbish photo nd texts would never feat in a proud community and if one day my blog turns bad and crappy, please Houssein do me a favor : shot me in the head.
This would be a very clear lesson to all the guys to start thinking again and ask for “what is blogging ?”, is a paper where you candrawallsorts of nasty drawings or just an other ash tray ? Did they get inspiration from others blogs ? did they ever trust anyone “Is my blog good enough ?”, No and never ! why ? because they have no idea what does it talk about.
The first reaction of Wissem (who is a close fiend from Korba) was to blame houssein, and thus in the way he was doing great till he gets cut down, I have explained to Wiss while chatting today that his blogs really sucks like I have been advising him months ago, his roommate Selmen running Caouca party blog and who started lately posting, have made an excellent brand content enough to call it a “Tunisian blog”. he suddenly started to day to write about interesting things … the back push did shake his thoughts , in few weeks he’ll be worth something.
Toward the reaction of the blogosphere and the muted feed back of houssein, I raise my voice to say that we have got enough of all this, if you’re doing well no one will disturb you, if your blog is worth reading it would certainly fit in the tn-blogs, remember that Houssein have been hosting a bunch of blogs since three years later including my own one, and that he have started the Tn-blogs from him self with no extra help, we were all excited to see the efforts he made to grow up with his community.
The tn-blogs is not just a feed syndicate, it is the gate to Tunisia, a real windows to our burring little hearts, where we try to show the best, even the worst have to be well written, and most of all it has to a blog.


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