Ramadanian Bloggers meetup

Last Ramadan, we’ve set up the first ramdanian bloggers meetup where we’ve broke the fast featuring 5 bloggers :Me, SubzeroBlue , Aquacool, Tom and Mraihi and it was delicious warm and make a family atmosphere, in order to keep the touchin this holy month, I suggest that we do that again.
I’m counting on you for suggestions, even if I think that Al Mida restaurant (Avenue Palestine)with delicious and typically Tunisian offers the best deal for such an event with very reasonable prices (check the photo gallery), we can get anywhere you want once we’ve got fat and lazy. Feel free to re-post about this.


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Infinity says:

    Hein ???
    and the second part of the meet up ?? where is the rest of pictures ??
    I remember .. it was very funny .. with adib .. Douda .. Jazz and the other ..
    I don’t think that El mida is a good choice ..
    walaka sadidou arra2yi 😛

  2. wissem says:

    why you are like a bird from a tree to other, so if you change your adresse you must populate it
    come and browse my blog many intresting things there
    keep your safly
    romdhanik mabrouk
    ha999a bravo pour les photo tu deviens pro
    aya bye
    dont forget http://wissem2005.blogspot.com

  3. nostra says:

    pourquoi pas 🙂 je suis partant ! m

  4. selmen says:

    I’ll be in Algeria from October 14 to 18 so if it is if possible try to chose other date else i’ll just visit the photo blog

  5. ^oth says:

    Wallahi fikra behya ..
    J’ai po trouv

  6. mochekes says:

    ti finou el comment mte3i?
    7attit comment essbe7 ou ma tla3ch 😦

  7. stupeur says:

    ready , willing and able
    Karim ne laisse pas trainer
    decide toi pour une date fixe, un horaire fixe et un endroit fixe
    sinon personne ne sera satisfait

  8. سويفتي says:

    @nostra: biweddi enjii mais dhourouff,donc peut

  9. سويفتي says:

    @nostra: biweddi enjii mais dhourouff,donc peut

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