Hunting the mouse


It gas to be some 5 months that I’m tracking down this little mammal, the cheese addict was rolling all the nights free and happy on the kitchen, once the lights are off and that we got to sleep and it calmed down. Every time I woke up up thirsty straight to the refrigerator, I met that E.T. show in dazzled me a while with mockery and irony before disappearing somewhere, I was never able to find him then, he was smarter than many humans … and so I resigned and swallowed the idea that a 3 mammal is sharing the apartment with us without paying any fees. It was OK as long as we kept everything eatable in the refrigerator or well covered, love and peace is such a great thing.
Sometimes I’ve even put some cheese or biscuits apart as a gift willing win his friendship (yes I’m a bit nerdy) and in order to make him satisfied so he could get back to his hideout without making any extra noise by night.
Last weekend while I was sleeping I heard a disturbing voice in my room, I’ve suspected my phone, no it’s not ringing, I turn it off then got back to sleep, no more than five minutes there was the same noise again, but closer to my bed, I got back in anger and make a fast check under my bad , and than in then onside my bad (I have 90 cm bad with extra space inside to keep goods), wow ! the beast is here, between a hundreds of my old CDs, “come bastard !”.
The lucky disturber flew away between the PC-mag old CDs and Knoppix 3.3 before reaching Newsweek last year collection and jumping off the bed and disappearing again. “what a mess ! this is why a cat is more important than TV at home”.unfortunally I have cats only in Zaghouan i can’t jail then is so small apartment.
As I’ve noticed that my room’s door was closed, I thought that leaving it open would invite the mouse to leave in secrecy, and that was totally bullshit, the little animal didn’t understand my clear message and as I’ve fall back to sleep he was making noise again like some kind of challenge that worked out my little brain, I woke up again turn on the light, getting an unused underwear (yes it’s sexy) closed the door back and start to hunt him.
Hopeless, the mouse was running from corner to corner while the misunderstood blogger was hunting down the midnight crawler. and finally I got it alive holing in my hands, took some photos of his good looking smile, and then throw it from the 4th floor to ground apartment where at least four cats where living in total harmony, if ever he survived the shock, the cats would appreciate an early night small sandwich from a cat’s lover.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. selmen says:

    I thought that it is easy for a “mouse hunter” to catch a mouse.

  2. swifty says:

    very good shot ! 🙂 ya3tik essahha
    elfar tkoul 3lih photog

  3. Marwanito says:

    ya3tek essaha ya Mouse Hunter ama kifech rakkahtou s3ib tarkkihou ama thaherli wallit sangour :p

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