I support Hannibal TV


Without being affiliated with Hannibal -the only private TV channel in Tunisia-, after “Sigma Conseil” have show the results of its poll based on forms given to bored and frightened Lafayette Mall shoppers who, in a hurry and bitter random move, makes a quick roll with a cheap pen on a badly photocopied and unreadable paper, a daily scene that I notice in anger from my desk willing someday to get out and kiss their as*** and make them vanish from my city.
The poll shows that 1out of 5 watches Hannibal TV, the study did a scandalous impact of the channel staff who have made a big critics spoken by the TV presenters between programs all along the day.
At home, we watch Hannibal TV everyday once we broke the fast, and thus due tothe quality of its programs, even my friends and neighbors do the same if we suppress the devilish popularity of “Dlilik Mlek” and that’s and other story, but all around : my colleagues in the office, my family … they really watch Hannibal TV mixed up fun and criticism as only TV alternative if Tunisia despite TV7.
Hannibal TV have done too much in working deeper into the Tunisian style, and it did succeed, such program such “Bidoun Istithan” (without invitation) have show how some of our citizen have really bad times, where poverty dwells in bitterness and hope, the hope that Hannibal TV offers to all the watchers of a better tomorrow.
So, in my name and all Hannibal TV fans I support Hannibal Tv and start boycotting TV7 !


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  1. swifty says:

    me too I’m a great fan of Hannibal TV,I watch 10-20 minute a day (around 6h since its creation) ! 🙂
    and its great compared to my daily watching of TV7
    (5-10mn TV7 this ramadan: pour rentabiliser les dizaines de dinars pay

  2. kaiser says:

    I have already boycotted all Tunisian Channels … They broadcast nothing interesting at all (hours of commercials in Ramadan, soccer all weekends, music all the other days or mousalsalat)
    See you man.

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