First day in Ramadan


Today was the first day in Ramadan, all along this holy month we will be fasting which means the stopping eating and drinking from the sunshine till the sunrise for every mature and able Muslim.
It was a long day, I was thirsty, but mentally safe, I like to do that even if … anyway, fasting is great and Ramadan is lovely month.
Ramadan is magic as the mastery of the body is a huge exercise where you hold up eating, smoking, drinking, … you feel the real worth of your being as a human, you feel how wise you are and how patient you can be, you give up your cheerful good morning black espresso and tiny cigarette !
I won’t tell you the joy when breaking the fasting at the sunrise after the prayer call ! that wonderful feeling of awareness and worth,you just eat well , get that damn coffee and smoke that b**chy cigarette.
Finally, even if you don’t do it by faith, it would be a very nice exercise for both your soul and body, think about it.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. selmen says:

    Haya Romdhanik Mabrouk

  2. Hatem says:

    Nchallah romdhanek mabruk :))
    Just a correction, to stop eating and drinking from the sunshine till the sunrise is only the “food part” of fasting, there is also the spiritual, cultural, social, and probably more πŸ™‚

  3. Leilouta says:

    Happy Ramadan!
    كيفاش خذيتها التصويره؟ مالسقف؟ πŸ™‚

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