“L’image revelee” Expo


I was yesterday in the opening of an audio video exposition titled “L’image revelee” (the reveled image) in dar Kheddddine in the heart of Tunis Medina.
I didn’t got there without Imed’s help as I don’t know pretty much about about the labyrinths of the media, once we got there we were very pleased to take a rest in the behind of the big palace where we were offered scheepse tonic with ice cubes.
The exposition is interesting, the ground floor was about very old Photos of Tunisia taken between 1907 and 1930, awesome collection of rare shots.
The upper floor contained the aim of the event, a set of expositions each one with a special title such as “sortilege” where I’ve met Madame Bousslema who is teaching arts in Nabeul and a talented photographer, the small cubicles contained various material such as animated videos, tied exposed photos and a special short film of Gastli Jalel where he runs of a car all through the southern Tunisia.
The exposition is still open till November 4th, beside a need for a guide or a map to get there, there are strange and interesting things to be seen.
[L’image revelee Gallery]


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