BluBlu Weclomes the new Celtia 6 beer Pack

Celtia 6 pack beer tunisia

Celtia (the monopolistic Beer company in Tunisia) have release a new 6 pack beer of 25 Cl each one, the whole pack well designed in a handled cartoon pack, the product costs 6,600 TND (about 5 USD).
It tastes good, almost like the old 35 Cl, a bit lighter unless the same product with a few tweaking, the effect is lighter too, if you are willing to turn drunk and start stinging stupid 90s tunes, you’ll have to swallow a whole 4 packs to get involved with the others, which makes it really a faulty product in a market where customers seeks a totally fun with less litters in the unlucky stomach.
It’s almost targeting ladies and new generation kinda drink-amerikanisch-beer-style, not the usual nuts like me or your father or brother, I can see many people enjoying it and that pretty cool.
Finally I can just enjoy it as far as the design is a heineken style, very friendly shape bottles and pack, you can even drink them in a middle of a public street and no one will notice that you are consuming alcoholic drinks.


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