Tunisian Bloggers meetup 18

Tunisian Bloggers meetup 18

Last saturday we were about 10 to get in the meetup held in Biwa cafe, we were there me and a young Journalist at time (16 o’clock’) and we didn’t see the shadow of any blogger one hour later, when adib came with that laughing smile as usual with manel, then the later bloggers got small by small.
There was me, Adib, Manel (morrocco), Dismalden, STupeur, MetallicNadou, Yasmine, Infinty and an old man from the Tunisian travellers club.
I was very pleased to meet Manel a very cute Moroccan blogger she were very charming especially when talking at Moroccan, we did exchange a bunch of opinions about blogs and even photoblogs.
Infinity gave us her “taking in hand” projet, she is have very interesting plans as a rescue plan while rundom is down for a while.

Tunisian Bloggers meetup 18

Adid showed his last joujou a Digital samsung photo camera a must have of any blogger, he told us about his last adventures with pets.
We talk also about the new Tunisian Blogs syndicate and how far it can waiting for the come back of rundom, we have echanged some of the news of the shadowed bloggers and the new ones as usual, we did get fascination about Jutsuboxu photolog (Dislmal Den recrutee).
I have left very early at 19 oclock, while there was still 4 bloggers at 7 oclock AM in the airport to say goodbye !
The next meetup is scheduled in Ramadan, we will be inthe “Iftar” together.
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