Tunisian Bloggers Meetup 17

First of all, please consider this : if someone is making up a meetup, he should ask for backup in case of he would be unable to reach his destination, this was the case of this meetup fortunately Ik was there for the rescue.

Tunisian Blogger Meetup 17

We did have a little dink in the schilling featuring Stupeur, Seif and Imed just two hours before the meetup just to wish me happy birthday long life for the cats , ….

Tunisian Blogger Meetup 17

The 17th bloggers meetup was a very tiny and excellent one, because we were about eleven buddies sharing two tables, we were able to discuss many things and everybody did made a line in the conversation, we were very glad to see two bloggers coming out the shadow : Imed and CHikipi.
We did talk 100 % about blogs, and that’s an other miracle, we have been talking about the tn-blogs vote system and how some bloggers cheat using multiple accounts to rise their rank, we have also been talking about the blogs that really sucks, and how the uprising number of the blogs didn’t mean too much blogging as a statistical data.
The blog did succeed thanks to : Imed, Chikipi, Hamdi, STupeur, Dismalden, Gattuso, Hamdi, Kattoussa, Imperator King, Seif , Saha Kho.
Phase 1 : warming the engines Gallery(schilling)
Phase 2 : warming the bloggers Gallery(Biwa)


6 Comments Add yours

  1. houssem says:

    encore un plaisir de vous retrouver tous

  2. Infinity says:

    imed ou adel !! ou mchanchninha !! zut alors !! j’

  3. Clash says:

    Stupeur , brabbi essaye , pour uen fois, de rater un meet-up 🙂 Toujours present ya weldi :))))

  4. Marwanito says:

    Sahha 3likom hethi 2 en 1
    Drink party et meetup :).

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