Top 5 Tunisian summer night activities

Where do Tunisian keep fresh in the night ? like no other nation we have special behaviour :
1. At home : In front of their TVs, on their balconies, home sweet home ! just trying to relax to talk with wife and children, evaluate the next month bills, thinking about the car’s fuel and how to surpass the boss next morning when dad and mom get late at work.
2. Cafes : Most of The Tunisians like to take a cup of coffee in an open air or air-conditioned cafe, it’s anytime destination, cheap and cafes is the thing that you find the most in Tunisia, remeber is Tunisa as “California where you can’t find a disco empty” just replace disco with cafe (quote from 2pac).
3. Beachs : All along the coats, people like to lie down, relax of a chair, sit in the sand catch the breeze and talk about the sunny and hot day it was.
4. Weddings : Tunisians marry by the hot season, most of the wedding is celebrated upon a musical orchestra, soft drinks, some pastry and a lot of talking and eye blinks.
5. Shows : Many Tunisians like to get an ticket for a low degree singer, then start dancing like a fool in order to heat the cold atmosphere of a stupid festival.
This is almost the real activities around here, it may differ from your country, because Tunisia is different thing, if you think that we are wasting our time and energy, report it to me I’ll write big and bold on my desk as a useless artwork, then I’ll simply say “This is how it works here”.
Just one thing, bloggers do all this stuff plus blogging at the edge of the night 😉


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Swobodin says:

    Did you forget something?
    How about bars, I think you have enough experience to talk about it 😛

  2. Karim2k says:

    Yo man bars are full all along the year 🙂

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