Bleeding from the inside


Sometimes you feel like shadow of a falling set of buildings, a false institution of mockery, an injury in a coastal cliff … you just watch your life gone wasted without being able to do nothing.
Sometimes I wish I could hold a big knife, stab myself in the heart to see if I got one, if it’s a really useful gadget, a piece of meat worth worrying for.
The question is not about falling in love, the dilemma happens when I’ve found that feelings matters, lest I go foolish, I’m giving my beach of sorrow more sand while I keep dazzling of the lines of the far bloody horizons waiting in vain for the saviour ship…


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  1. Infinity says:

    Le fait que tu sois amoureux .. ce n’est un secret pour personne ..
    Maintenant le sait-elle ? je ne pense pas ..
    Le partagera-t-elle ??

  2. Infinity says:

    le nouveau plugin πŸ˜‰ ..

  3. Karim2k says:

    Awesome ! How can read into my thoughts ?

  4. tom says:

    mouse is falling in love ??? heu …
    i think i know who is she πŸ˜›
    anyway, i agree with infinity, no matter if you love her or not, but, does she at least know this, and essentially, does she share it with you …
    otherwise, my friend, you’re wasting your time; you’d better go fix some staff or sleep πŸ˜›

  5. Karim2k says:

    Yes, Tom I’m willing to sleep πŸ™‚ Donw with the feelings !

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