The shy guy


Yes, I am a shy boy (I know I’m supposed to be an adult, sorry mum), so everything around me is encrypted into the ease of the sight, I rarely can express myself freely, You’ve noticed how I turn an ice cube in meetups : I keep on guarding my chair like is someone is going to steal it, I keep dazzling everybody with my reddish eyes, like a fish I keep swimming in its deep thoughts of some 5 inch square.
Beyond this psychological gap, that I was unable to solve till my childhood through all my biggest stop stations, I have an extreme shyness with girls, I remember five years later how I made my own echo of words just talking with any girl for any purpose even for asking for time, later years I gone wild and been able to make up a full sentence without making people all around make fun of me.
This is so damn, especially when you hold on feelings or appreciation inside, you keep dying everyday mute, unable to have a full sleep looking amazed to stars and telling them things you should face that person with, one day (Just when I’ll loose all my teeth and hair) I’ll be able to send message clear fast and directly.
Dear moon do you hear me ? I’m coming ! I’ll jump on the stars and reach your beautiful light …


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