My girl


As a continuous awaken dreamer, I have a special thoughts about the girl that would feat with me in a big wedding chair :
First of all, she have to be Tunisian at least Arabic and that’s for many reasons you should be able to understand : religion, habits, language, ..
Secondly : As Freudian holy, It have to look like my mother or my sister and thus in they she would give me affection and love.
Thirdly : she have to be smart at least a bit smart than me, because I am the biggest stupid ever, I am the worst guy in this country, she have to have a spirit a of a mechanicer to fix me up every time I go wrong.
Fourthly : she have to smile on my face everyday, even if have spent last night drinking with my friends till the sunrise and have broke everything in the living-room.
Filthy : She have to have basics of It , Literature, Art and Music, I won’t marry a girl that thinks that Om kalthoum is the greatest singer ever of all the time, or whom reading skills is limited to shoutouk newspaper, she would even like Slipknot and shake her head like me when hearing “Left Behind”
Sixthly : She would be rich … of love she must have tons of that thousands of tons of love for me and just me , because I’m really short of some affection.
And all this is just a short version, if you’re really interested my book of the perfect female would be delivered within the next 12 hours 🙂
Any body out there ?


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