Any given sunday : Bizerte rocky beach

rocks beach bizerte grottes

Bizerte is one of my best summer destinations, it holds tens of the best beaches in Tunisia, well we choose the most closer to the town and certainly not the best one, the beach of rocks aka the caverns (les grottes) is a small beach of less than 3 or 4 kilometers northern Bizerte easily reachable with a car, forget about the buses they would release you some 5 kilometres further.
The beach is lying in a rocky cliff, and the sans is less that 7 meters wideness, despite it was crowded for a Sunny summer Sunday we found a vacancy right in the mean while a couple was leaving, it’s extremely difficult to get a place there.
The water was clear and soft, and we did play with the waves as the sea was a bit agitated not meant for a relaxed swimming, there was nothing to do else jumping all the time to avoid to be pushed back.
There was a lot of families, in this kind of beaches you won’t meet tourists else some Tunisians leaving outside or a few libyans of Algerians, almost all gathered families, no nagging no problems of any kind, in the top of the cliff there two restaurants offering wide services for very reasonable prices, although I would advice you to shop from the town center and get all your needs once the only problem we got was about finding ice to cool the water and the soft drinks.
We got there by midday and we left at the edge of the evening, and we got a wonderful time, next time we are planning to get to the Rafraf beach.
[Bizerte Rocky beach Gallery]


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  1. snawsi says:

    True, Bizerte is a lovely city with lovely beaches. Glad you enjoyed it 😉

  2. Stupeur says:

    cap blanc, one of the most beautful places in this country
    i really love it
    but i often go there bay, may, june or september oktober.
    misse bizerta ! 😦

  3. Stupeur says:

    if you really intend to go to rafraf, keep in touch i will manage to join you there

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