Tunisian Bloggers meetup 15


The 15th meetup wasn’t different from the past ones, it turns into a tea party where we’ve shared some thoughts and a lot of drinks and food.
I was very delighted to see many bloggers the old ones as much the new kids getting in, this means that the meetups works, if they left their bunker and step on their shame, this means that too much.
The some 30 bloggers were almost all there while I get late (I left work at 14) sharing the same long table before getting divided into crews : The IT crown, the Fun crowd and the Lebanon Crisis council, I was trying a pick a look around the three worlds.
There are more and more bloggers with digital cameras, there are even excellent ones with excellent works and this put the competition hot, I’m willing to see great photos coming out the Tunisian blogosphere.
Unlike Infinity who thought that Snawsi was a boy, I knew who “she” were and wondered how to avoid her snake tongue, but I was totally sold, the angel beside me was too cute.
[Meetup 15 Gallery]


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  1. Snawsi says:

    Hey buddy,
    Love the pic’s ( coz they’re general group pic’s)
    Love the way you describe the meetup 😉
    Thanks for pointing out that I’m a chickita 😀
    Ps: one question :are you saying that instead of a snake, you found an angel in me ? Common !!!

  2. Karim2k says:

    You won’t impres me with you bold text, you have wings 🙂

  3. Snawsi says:

    T’as pas encore vu les cornes ? bizarre 😉

  4. stupeur says:

    hy karim
    luv the pics, thanks a lot, keep up mate
    snawsi, always seeking trouble?
    i really loved the meet up i could change my mind et unstress a little bit.
    thanks to all those who were there, i really enjoyed it.
    now i’m back to my whole, and to my hollow life.
    see ya next time with a big pleasure.
    don’t forget our plan for a few cold blondes at shilling!!!

  5. Karim2k says:

    Yes, I see on the top of my head.

  6. impertor says:

    cool les photos!!
    mais tu n’as pas trop parl

  7. snawsi says:

    Stup : I am trouble 😀

  8. Karim2k says:

    IK : I won’t tell the same story hundred of times, this meetup was a classic.
    Stupeur : Any time you’d like
    Snawsi : …

  9. impertor says:

    K2K the shooter!!!
    PS c’est mieux que paparazzi

  10. karim 2 K : juste pour signaler que t’as

  11. zyed says:

    merci pour les fotos !!
    je les ai presque toutes telecharg

  12. Marouen says:

    Hi man
    I’m sorry for missing this meetup but as you know I hate Biwa 🙂

  13. skywalkerxp says:

    if you’ll plan next time a new meetup ! please don’t forget to notify me !!
    thanx Karim2

  14. skywalkerxp says:

    if you’ll plan next time a new meetup ! please don’t forget to notify me !!
    thanx Karim2

  15. meriem says:

    Hi there,
    good job, keep it up

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