Mariah carey July 24th Tunis Concert

Mariah carey Juy Tunis 24th Concert

Yes, although I don’t like Mimi, even though I’m bleeding for Lebanon, I got there with the only purpose to blog it for you, despite the press, I’m telling you the truth live from there as if you were beside me.
Mariah Carey concert that was held in Menzeh stadium last 24th july got an imminent success thanks its mastery of the pop conventions, a back voicing gospel voices, a dancing band and heavy clothe changing (she wore so few things), and despite the hot climate, she did performed here songs well, the kids got the full package of the show that last less than one hour thirty starting at eleven (on hour later than scheduled).

Mariah carey Juy Tunis 24th Concert

The concert was a set of lights and boosted bass, the voice of Mrs. Carey did superpass all the tension all around, and everybody danced like a fool, surrounded by kids (the average was about 20), I found myself dancing between photo shots.
The Menzeh Stadium was overcrowded as in national Football championship and the heat was more than July’s burning celcius, everybody got there and have already acquired the proequities for the fun, some come in groups, some were their relatives.
Inside the Menzeh stadium who’s access road were all barred, the police was surrounding all over around, there was orange security guys in the entry with steel detector, I was asked to leave the camera out as photos was prohibited, I did pay the guy 5 dinars and go ahead, what’s the f*ck ? whois this jerk who would censor cameras on a concert ? Did they expect that someone get with a cam films the concert than pack the rip the show into a divx tghrown to the P2P consumers ?
Just one thing, me and the guys we got free tickets as well as many other people we met, I’ve see few people who bought their entry right, I have already explained the whole thing above 🙂
[Mariah Carey Tunis Concert (Flickr)]
[Mariah Carey Tunis Concert (Pbase)]
Update:[Mariah Carey 12 seconds video]


4 Comments Add yours

  1. la blogeuse says:

    c pas juste g pay

  2. kaiser says:

    I’ve just seen a video of Tunis7 in you tube, with this comment of a tunisian speaker : “Tunisia is the only African and European country where Mimi will perform a concert”
    We are a part of Europe ? So why do we need visa for France and Cie ? :p

  3. imed says:

    etfouh !!

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