Lebanon demolition Impacts


The massive destruction in Lebanon comfortably accomplished by Israel under the benediction of Mother America can’t just expressed through the count of dead or the sets of buildings and infrastructure or ny financial impact how big is it , …
the impact if further more than a just a simple loss of an arabic nation, it’s an injury of the whole Arabic nations, and I won’t bore you with patriotic feelings or any abstract speesh.
– More than 90 % of the Arabic books were produced , revisited, designed , printed , packed and distributed in Lebanon, after we’ve lost Iraq sponsorship for knowledge, we are loosing the best Arabic book Himalaya, since we will have to wait longer to see new releases of Abdel Rahmane Mniff, the new Student dictionary and more and more.
– Almost all the foreign cartoons, documentary and movies are doubled in Lebanon, we know that voices that made our childhood those beautiful memories of Bachar, Jongar , … unfortunately we will miss all that for a while.
– The best Arabic channel such as LBC is riped down leaving people behind the screen screwed down. I would even sympathise with Star Academy for the sake of Lebanon.
– Most of the best Arabic singers, actors , writers, scientists , …. are over that green hill, they are all gone or waiting for the end of this hell, till that we will have our capacity subdivision. And all this is just are so few things .
In one word Lebanon is the heat of the Arab world, shoot him there and he will be a move-less body, a lied corpse in a deserted road that leads no where, I miss you Lebanon , I miss the smell of peace I got in the book you spread everywhere, … I know I would meet you soon.


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