Mimi in Tunisia

Mimi Maria Carey Tunisia

Maria Carey aka Mimi will perform two concerts next two days in the Menzeh Football stadium, she is right now relaxing in Hammamet in a special suite that she did custom herself, she will not give any interview till 24 hours of the concert, the cameramen will work under her stuff supervision.
They have invested 6000 banner like this one in all over Tunisia, sometimes I felt that the painting of the wall has changed into Mimi’s White dress photo so much they covered all the walls around, even those where they are not used to put ads.
The cost of the single ticket is 40 TND (about 35 $), and the VIP entry is 1 Million TND (850 $) offering a special entry to Mimi’s dinner and a photo with the american star.
I really doubt how much are there Mari ah Carey’s fans in Tunisia, I’m sure that they are a few crowd, but Tunisians are fanatics for every thing that comes from the west, so I’m willing to See them crawling down crying “Mimi we love you” , just to show that they are cool and energetic.
Damn, I can hear bombardments on Beirut over here, I can smell rotten bodies over my desk, and all my body is set to fear, I feel sad, how can we party in times like this ? I won’t ask you to let down that concert while you have spend so much money for the ticket, because you are already sold !


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  1. houssem says:

    ya weldi weslou 3all9ou pancarte fin leblaka mta3 ettravaux mta3 l’autoroute…ymoutou 3liha mariah “cari”

  2. heliodore says:

    1 Million TND ????
    No ! “Only” 1000 TND 🙂

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