This guy in not Tunisian

not a Tunisian guy

Unloaded from earth, focusing in his paper, siting down where no body else would stay, muting the world with his MP3 player, this guy is certainly not a Tunisian one, because I know how identify my citizens.
Fist of all he is reading : Few Tunisians read books, most of us do that at home, we are avoiding the shame to be seen trying to get some knowledge.
Secondly He is sitting alone : We have that manner sit closer (like the guys behind him), to join crowds and to go always in pair at least.
Thirdly he is relaxed : We use to be anxious, freaked and almost looking like if we have escaped jail last night (look at the face all around him.
And finally he is wearing very simple clothes : We have obsession for coloured, expensive , chick clothes for what we saved our salaries.
I guess you share my opinion (if you are Tunisian) and that you can understand my people (if you are a stranger).


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  1. 24faubourg says:

    je suis parfaitement d’accord avec toi,

  2. zyed says:

    ce qui m’intrigue c’est qu’es ce qui pousse les gens a sortir de chez eux et rester dehors sur les trottoires ou dans les caf

  3. Manal says:

    toooooooooooooooooooooooo funny, j’ai bcp rigol

  4. Amira says:

    Je trouve cet article tres drole. Je suis tunisienne nee en france, et souvent l ete en tunisie j avais des amis qui me disais qu il pouvait reconnaitre ceux qui vivent a l etranger, les etrangers, bref, finalement je trouve ton article tres drole. El tmakir tunsi quoi;)

  5. EMMA Benji says:

    pas d’accord, il peut etre tunisien
    je vous explique
    nous tunisiens sommes r

  6. heliodore says:

    remarques pertinentes et j’adh

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