Middle East Milk shake – Part 1


We are used to the same scenario when Israel does that dirty job of mass killing in the name of “fighting terrorism” aka Muslims, then after the count become boring and people in USA and Europe start to strike against the war machine, things get back to calm state.
You know what ? all this sucks, this time the events gonna spread long and deeper, Hezbollah is not a band if brothers and Israel is not Delta force, everybody fed up, we won’t keep on playing this game forever, this time there will be only one man handling a flag in the top of the mountain of dead.
Nasrallah , like me like you is bored of how the things are going bad and how Arabs are hiding out from showing themselves else asking for the peace they can’t even promote in their own systems, so how can you dare sleeping while those bastards are beating down your neighbors ?
One word : let it burn , no more excuses , no more negotiations, Israel does not care about all the negotiations not all Arabic countries gathered, it doesn’t ask for peace it just claims for the so awaited promised land and more blood, and we hate Israel genetically (that doesn’t include Jews) we hate them more than any things, and then ?


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