Ash’s Birthday Surprise Party


Imed and the coworkers of Ash did a brilliant idea, showing their love and friendship toward that smiling non-stop speaking guy, Imed told me to get there Saturday where the preparations have already start, and in order to pay his attention and let the girls make up the party we’ve told Ash to get directly to the Holy Schilling with no turn to home (He used to get a shower once getting back from work).


The surprise was great even for me who was at home, because they did an awesome work a feast of candles, a big cake and all the tricks on the table, enough to let him hooked in front of that light puzzle …


The funniest thing in all this tale is the cake, his obsession to Pink Floyd gave his coworkers and idea : They wrote on the cake :” One of these you’ll cut this cake in little pieces”, as an expert of Pink Floyd’s “One of these days I’ll cut you in small Pieces”.


Fueled with the beer and the joy, we’ve started the fiesta, the O.S.T previously arranged by Imed, sucks : Dark Tranquility, Metallica, Rolling Stones , … His music is awesome but not not for this kind of celebration, so he gone checking for the few dance classics we got in the disk such as some salsa, Mezoued and the best of the 90s.


After I got almost too drunk and exhausted being dancing the whole night, we sat down while Van Dam gave us a little taste of some unplugged classics, before I told the guts that I have to leave, imed’s cousin Faythou was too kind to bring me back to Lafayette, where I’ve fell into the bed like a dead…


[Ahs’s Birthday Surprise Party Gallery]


3 Comments Add yours

  1. nostra says:

    comme c mimi vive l’amiti

  2. imed says:

    c pas moi qui a eu l’id

  3. laura says:

    c trop nule

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