Testimonial from Portugal


I’ve got many people praisining my modest blogging since those three late years, but this one… hold me tight :

Hey dude,
I am (was) a regular reader of your blog at http://www.rundom.com/karim2k/ and I’ve been wanting to write you asking, what’s up? why haven’t you been writing for so long. And just today I found out that you have another blog http://karim2k.phpmagazine.net/. But I decided to write you anyway.
I’m glad you didn’t stop writing. I always have a laugh when I read your blog. I really dig your crazy sense of humor and also the way you write and the things you write about. It’s great to be so open to talk about yourself and about Tunisia too.
I’m Portuguese and I’ve been in Tunisia 3 times. I love your country and I like to read about your view of the country and stuff that happens there. That is so much more valuable that anything you can read on the news.
I’ve checked your Photoblog too. Great pics the ones of “Tunis In the Heat of The night”! Loved your kittens too, but I adoooore cats so any picture of a cat is a great picture 😉
You have a fan so… keep on blogging (in the free world ;))

Thanks man, I’m promess I won’t stop it !

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