14th Tunisian Bloggers Meetup

Meetup 14

As usual as it can be a meetup we were at The Platunuim cafe, The usual suspects (Me, Tom, SubzeroBlue), the new generation (Mochekess, Swifty,Imperatot King, Seif, SahhaKho,Nostradamus) and the first time meetupers : TunisiaStory (Marwanito) and Bidules. Gathered around three tables as we lake trouble everywhere we go leaving one or injured waiters behind.
The discussion was too narrow just the same old things in a tiny different manner as we were 100% boys, I felt earlier that the others guys, I was very upset to see how meetups turned into drink and pay your coffee meeting, we can do better boys , we can do better …
[Meetup 14 Gallery]


10 Comments Add yours

  1. Marwanito says:

    Impossible how you have time to prepare this post excelent 😮 ,personally I have to return has 24h.It is impossible to do it.
    It is a good mettup ;))).

  2. Snawsi says:

    Wallhi mandharkom i7azen with no girls around :-ppp

  3. heliodore says:

    And where’s Infinity ? Why she missed the meet up ?

  4. Marouen says:

    and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?

  5. bidules says:

    Juste une petite note c bidules pas bedule

  6. mochekes says:

    ya karim, finou marouen??? non class

  7. SwiftY says:

    hlouine ses photos en noir et blanc 🙂

  8. Karim2k says:

    Merci a tous, j’i corrig

  9. mochekes says:

    marouen, marouen, marouen!!!

  10. Hatem says:

    nice to meet you’ll ! 🙂

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