Kelibia beach invaders


It’s sad to see how money can turn a very beautiful space to some ugly restaurant for some greedy persons. I wonder if there’s any solution to stop the procedure

(By Snawsi)

kelibia invaders

An illegal construction of a bar in the picturesque Kelibia beach know as beige is taking place, the business man was allowed to build a heavy construction almost with woods, while he is making up a real building in the era of the marine domain (25 meters to the seashore), we are noticing with sorrow and pain, this invasion our Cherish Kelibia, we’re waiting for someone to do something in the meanwhile our voices will never stop nagging on this evil project !
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7 Comments Add yours

  1. khanouff says:

    Nous les hommes sont les meilleurs destructeurs que la plan

  2. Ramses says:

    Thx for your solidarity MouseHunter,
    ‘ll remember it 😉
    Viva Kelibia!

  3. tonton_kais says:

    thanx for your solidarity, you’re something else

  4. adib says:

    merci karim pour cette solidarit

  5. Hassenos says:

    Finally this bad monster was stopped by the autority here in Kelibia and our beauty beach was saved from the evasion of bad behaviors ……

  6. Anonymous says:

    i am a serial killer if someone want me to blow the big bitch stomach of this fuckin bizness man call me 0021698******

  7. ISSAM says:

    C’est vraiment malheureux. Mais je ne croix pas mes yeux ! Ils contruisent vraiment dans le sable? C’est la plus belle plage de la tunisie e ils sont entrain de la detruire.Avant tout c’est un patrimoine naturel!

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