My Lybian Night Drink party


Yesterday, two of my libyans friends were here in Tunis, like most of the people who came from the south they were asking for the “fun pack” which means explicitly drink and girls, as I was a very bad muslim I said “OK, I’ll drive you to the sky”, one of the guys gave me Lybian house-made boukha, and warned me that this piece of junk is a rocket, I didn’t bother his advice and drunk the hole thing as ever, we gone to Carrefour to get some beer and ice then … the morning I was sleeping in the top roof of the building it’s a real miracle if I’m still alive, no guys hold on there is nothing to worry about, I’m not disappointed and I have screamed all along the night, the problem is that the fun didn’t much so long, and even if I don’t remeber few thing I think that it was funny beeing that drunk and getting back to work with painful walking and talking.


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