Tunisian Bloggers meetup 13 : Welcome in Zaghouan

Meetup Zaghouan

I finally did it !, I brought the bloggers to my mother land, the 12th meetup have taken place yesterday in Zaghouan with 18 people abroad , 4 cars and a lot a lot of fun, the gathering point was the parking in front of “Municipality de Tunis” around Barecolena square, we got there waiting for others to come, mochekes was the first to stand there waiting for us, then the others came small by small ,even Chikipi who said that he’ll not be there joined us in the last minutes.

Meetup Zaghouan

We’ve left Tunis at 13:30 with less than 30 minutes than planned, which is a record as you know bloggers are never at time, the trip did last fewer than a 40 minutes with mochekess leading with his Polo the Bloggers convoy where I sit in the right place to guide the group.

Meetup Zaghouan

As we sat down in the “cafe du temple” (Water temple coffee) , we have managed the tables in the way we could sit comfortably all together, every-time we get somewhere we break the rhythm , we make noise we act like extraterrestrial in a village, and then we ate, we talk so much about blogs and almost the same old conversation, we heard the new bloggers and we have been discussing about the Tn-blogs aggregator, creating a FAQ for the bloggers and establishing a Wiki with needed help for bloggers.

Meetup Zaghouan

then we got in the Water template for a few minutes when Etta have joined us, we’ve taken a photo of the whole group while me and Tom brought our tripod, the family photo was awesome and I’m willing to get it on paper to put at home with a title above “The great foolish bloggers”.

Meetup Zaghouan

Then we moved up to the mountain when a holy man rest in peace “Sidi bou Gabreen” who seems to be killed by Berbers in the beginning of the Islamic invasion in north Africa and ripped in two steps as them cut him in two pieces. The view up there is fantastic, even a little windy the guys did admire the splendid landscape and have taken hundreds of photos, many of them got their batteries flat 😉 we’ve left Subzero and his wife down as Aquacool doesn’t stand heights and that so narrow road with cliff in the side.
Finally we got back down to the cafe and we rolled back the tape before leaving Zaghouan back to Tunis, Foofa did get a little accident and by the grace of gods she’s all right not even a little scratch her Gold 4 is a little damaged but doesn’t really matter, I’ve got frozen when I heard that , but got delighted when I see her OK, the meetup ended in safe ! thanks guys very very much, it’s always a pleasure to be with you anywhere, hey what a moon meetup 😉
[The 124 meetup’s photo gallery]
N.B.: The uploaded photos are downsized, and a lot of them missing , so if you want the whole collection please contact me , I’ll give you all the folks in a CD.


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