Zaghouan travelling board


Hi everyone, I want to thanks both Tom and Subzero for their great support, so the people who got cars and wanna get there are : Me , Foofa , Mochekess, Gattuso, … others please comment here, so we have vacancy for more than 10 peapole, please mail them to get a ride to Zaghouan , the fun will be there ! so don’t miss such meetup, I’m willing on you to make this happen so make the sense to ou cheerful blogosphere .
The rendez-vous point will be the little parking in front of the municipality in the beginng of Avenue Carthage , no later than 13 ‘o’clock, we will leave together , no one will be kept behind, so please ensure than you cellur is one and well charged, I’ll be myself on that day.
The program is made up easy steps:
– First we will go the War temple (Templa des eaux) wich si a historic monument where a ool cafe stands.
– Then we will move to a the forest, and if your car is worthy we will get somewhere atop the mountain.
– A “Good Bye blur sky” cafe , then rollback to Tunis.
So, please call me or just drop me a word !


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