Mediterranean Guitar Festival – Day 3


Unfortunately I’ve missed the off, I did go go to Ben Arous to fix some computers and smile to my colleagues, so my bosses would be smiling to their wifes at the and of the day, the guys wearing strange t-shirts and green clothes were there making the Tunis city theatre their big home, while other long haired boys were in the font cafe “L’univers” which was a bar too, nothing special to tell else that I like see my people there, it smells like a teen spirit, I like to people who like my music, So I felt comfortable to sit down with friends talking about some Tech and Music.
We were talking about Robert Plant’s show, and how he’s gonna play his new album with his new band “Strange sensation”, I have argued that I want to see “Led Zeppelin” not the solo come back of R. Planet, but my friend did tell me that his new album was good and that the 70 years old guy still have that strange scream, but it doesn’t bother me, Led zepp is gonna, and what’s playing inside in the in show is not that great…
I think that the event is the outside special behaviour more than the bands and their music, the people who came are the festival, not those who holds the instruments or the microphone.


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