Mediterranean Guitar Festival – Day 2

festival Mediterranean guitar

I was late, at 6’oclock, the platform established for the OFF show was empty unless some break dance kids, I was really upset, but job duties were too captive, so the only thing I saw were the hard rock community getting out the dark and roaming all around, the IN show didn’t bother me, I didn’t find anyway to get free entry and the 20/15 TND ticket isn’t worth unknown guitar bands, so I get away with my friends and took a straight espresso in the avenue, the festival was too expensive with more than a tens of sponsors they were unable to hold two bands playing more than one hour, and making entry fees too expensive to think once to give it up, the people who make this run are awfully wrong, at the end of the show I have noticed that people who were inside didn’t fill up the big Tunis theatre a quarter, successful event, thanks boys gotta give up lying …


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  1. othrez says:

    C 10 dianrs par spectacle hier .. mais ils étaient super bons ! C vrai ke ça fait cher .. surtt pr un étudiant ou un chomeur ou un ouvrier dailleurs ! Et y a pas de prix réduits pour cette classe de spectateurs ..
    Pour le premier spectacle cété du Jazz (trés bon il parait) et du blues (trés bon je confirme), pour le deuxieme c’était Sidi Blues (mouch 7eja) et Houba houba Spirit (ta lu mon post dessus, so ..)

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