Mediterranean Guitar Festival – Day 1

festival mediterranean guitar

The Miditerrian Guitar Festival have started yesterday within youth celebration, I’ve missed the off first two bands, but one of my friends have told that I haven’t really missed much than a band of wealthy kids jumping and screaming in pain.
I really miss A Band Of Gypsys , that band rocks the way it should be loudly played, while getting my last beer in the Univers bar some meters in front of the Tunis theatre I have met a rock band outing Ezzahra city and who said that they got no chance getting in, they told me that they used to play reggae.


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  1. othrez says:

    CHaka sur lavenue c du grunge .. à menzah six cété No Relation .. cété assez recherché .. du metal avec kelkes periodes d’accalmies lol .. y avait une trompette et une flute pour l’originalité et un public trés jeune ..
    Mais t’a raison .. les Band of Gypsy’s sont trés bons, comme le sont les couscous men et ursa minor ..

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