Cheap hard worker relaxation plan

Tunis avenue night

There’s nothing much to do when a hard worker day’s over, just try to relax and get away from the pain, when money is not that thing filling up your right pocket we prefer just to relax with few cigarettes and a plastic bottle of coke, the conversations the old same speech how the day was and how things would be with the everlasting question “Who am I in all this trash”.
The Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis is such a great place for relaxing, even a crowded and noisy place it offers moments of peace, because you know that people here are all relaxing and getting some mind rest, while we are looking to people getting around in a motion basically recursive we may see our-self reflected down a big chase of buddhist fell away with the spirits.
I really enjoy to steal that time from eternity with my best friends and meditate a little about the things that settles deep into my pet cave, a cheap entertainment and a smell painkiller, if it’s good for me, it would be the remedy for you.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Marouen says:

    Bourguiba Avenue ? where is that ? 🙂
    Karim, you are a good Tunisiois 🙂

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