Schilling Bloggers drink Party

shilling drink party shilling drink party
shilling drink party

Many of my friends were wondering how dare “Mouse Hunter” stand up without the old famous fasioned drink parties and the green holy fuel, the answer is that I’m bored publishing photos each time we get some beers beacause that’s what I’m doing all the time, and just to remind you who am I, take this !
A mini Bloggers meetup help yesterday in the great schilling bar (next to the mideast), all those guys are all brilliant bloggers and young ITs, the fun is always on, Omda was dinning with ash’s skipped lunch, is that crazy to easy sweet spaghetti in the edge of Mohamed V avenue 😉
The idea of a wider Bloggers Beer meetup is already on, we need more volonteers, come aborad and show your sell, we don’t offer free beer but free speech.


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  1. campala_city says:

    La bière est la preuve que Dieu nous aime et veut que nous soyons heureux..
    (Benjamin Franklin)
    da 907b team te salue

  2. Conseil says:

    Chere Karim, au moins si tu fais une ma3ssiya, essaie bich tostir rou7ik, khali rabi ye7dik. Le prophéte S AW dis dans le sens du Hadith :”Dieu va pardonner à tout ma communauté, sauf qui se montrent avec leurs péchés”.
    Excuse moi si je te fais ce commentaire ouvertement sur ton blog, mais j’ai pas trouvé d’autres moyens. J’espère que tu ne vas pas le prendre mal
    Salem W B

  3. khouk says:

    Yizzi Bla Chrab, Rabbi Yehdick

  4. adib says:

    ti haou mhaflinha;)
    il nous reste maintenant le meetup d’infinty;)

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