No bird flu awarness label

No bird flu Tunisia

Experts said that there’s no bird flu in Tunisia, as they were close friends such as Adib, the government have set up degustations in the parliament, inside the biggest markets and so on, …
Yesterday when shopping with Ash, the label above was in all the chicken packs, I was surprised how they are trying to secure the customer while it’s already OK, anyway if that’s a marketing trick, it’s too bad, our chickens are OK, don’t ware, just relax and eat them.
The more and more coming rumors a about bird flu in Tunisia should be false, we go through that and feel fine, I knew that rumors here were 80% false, I’m making a call to all Tunisian bloggers to support our chicken industry, show how you are still have faith on them and how all the propaganda is false.


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  1. adib says:

    manges du poulet!
    notre pays est encore indemne de la grippe aviaire et meme si grippe il y’a , le risque est vraiment minime. helas les medias et l’ignorance alimetent cette psychose!

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