The 11th Tunisian Bloggers meetup

11th Tunisian Bloggers meetup

As usual we were there, a band of ordinary bloggers Me, aquacool , subzero, staka, troubadour, Tom, adib , infinity, marwen, foufa, mouchekes,houssem, gattuso, ex-blonde.
The Latina was an excellent cafe with Salsa inside, they were a charming trainer and everybody was dancing, the Wifi is free and in the air, the drinks were soft and the prices was even reasonable, the only problem is that I’ve spent one hour and half to find it, it’s unknown by taxis and walkers, and I haven’t noticed the plan, anyway I was there a little bit late, but I did it.
As adib was there and as they were getting salsa dancing, we haven’t talk too much, I have tried to get the attention of the bloggers to tell them four points :
– What do they think about Blogging conferences ? and who wants to come in ?
– The SMS sponsorship of blogs (that everybody denied lately).
– The next meetup in Zaghouan.
– The 4th ???
And like every time the meetup was some kind of bloggers open air market, everybody was lying his merchandise on the ground while speaking out loud like in a bar, someone can tell me who to heal the meetups ? perhaps we should make an agenda as I’ve said before, we are making up meetup, not just to meet, because we can meet each others everyday if we wish, the aim of meetups is to make bloggers more enthusiastic and familiar and brush up the Tunisian blogosphere.
I was very pleased to talk with Mahesh Shantaram an indian photographer who used to be IT than let down the keyboard and got a camera, he shares the idea that It sucks now, I myself so that way, but he found the remedy while I’m still suffering, Manesh was starting his new career with an Olympus C-200 and Canon EOS-50, with additional lenses and special flash kits, woof , oh my god, he made me feel ashamed with my so little Fujifilm Finepix 5200, we’ve talk a lot about old times IT and the new era of photography and the ways I should take to brighten my works.
If you are a Tunisian bloggers and you haven’t still intended at least one meetup feel the shame, you should come out with us at least one time, I really want to see you more often in the next meetup !
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  1. Marouen says:

    Nice report my friend. Where is rest of the report with what happened after ?

  2. Karim2k says:

    I think that we’ve left together and got a Kefteji meetup, while you have taken the metro I walked back home Lafayette, after that I’ve been at home for the rest of the night and you ?

  3. Marouen says:

    Voilà. Now I may confirm that the report is over 🙂

  4. snawsi says:

    Nice report Karim.
    But why should one ” feel the shame ” for missing the meetup? your report made it as if I was there!
    Ok, to be honest, I felt something…regret for missing the salsa dance courses 🙂

  5. tom says:

    btw, nice shots !

  6. Karim2k says:

    Snawsi : next meetup you have to be with us !
    Tom : Thx, I’m still using automode and some advanced tricks, the besat is still sleeping.

  7. humm humm.. nice!
    T’as oublié de cité Orcheaaaa !:p
    ah au fait..ça serait sympa de rajouter une légende.. qui est qui:)

  8. snawsi says:

    I read in different blogs that next meetup will be probably in Zaghouan. The last (and only) time I went there, I was 10 years old, on a school trip.
    I wonder how it looks like now :-p

  9. Tarek says:

    ey birrasmi E2J, je ne sais pas qui est qui. J’imagine seulement en plaçant les visages sur les blogs et les styles d’écriture et je pense que j’imagine n’importe quoi: par exemple, la très charmante fille avec l’écharpe verte, j’ai toujours cru que c’était “la blogeuse”, je sais que ce n’est pas elle maintenant, mais je ne sais toujours pas qui elle est!

  10. orchea says:

    La charmante fille avec l’echarpe verte est Troubadour!
    Et oui, on a oublié de me citer! 😦
    ms pas grave!
    par contre chui contente que ttes les fotos où ya moi sont de dos!! 🙂

  11. adib says:

    belle galerie mousehunter come d’habitude!
    pour ceux qui veulent savoir qui est qui , ils n’ont qu’a se deplacer lors des prochains meetup;)
    pour ceux a l’etranger, estannaou essif:):)

  12. esprit2Jack says:

    Orchea.. c’est le pull bleu?

  13. Mahesh Shantaram says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you all!
    Actually, the Canon EOS-50 belonged to my friend, Ines. Mine is an Olympus E-300.
    I assume we are meeting this weekend?

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