Meetup 11

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Tom has told me that Mraihi is talking about the next meetup, perhaps it would happen this weekend as usual in the famous Biwa cafe or bloggers café, he haven’t posted nothing about it yet, so I’m taking the lead and waiting for your proposals , where, when and how.
I prefer to meet all the next Sunday at 16 , the last meetup was successful due to the timing, so this time I want to see you all around, try to bring bloggers you know and non-bloggers too !
– Marouen Mraihi is reporting that the drinks will be free for bloggers in the Sasla some meters next to Biwa.
– The Meetup will take place next Sunday 05/03/06 at 4PM in Salon Latina restaurant in Les Berges du Lac,the first drinks are free. No, don’t have to be dancer, you’ll have to do something with blogs instead 😉

by the way, Seif sent me the link of the last 10th meetup with his Hp smart 945c that were sold by Tom.


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  1. Marouen says:

    Moi je pense que le faire cette semaine c’est mieux pour éviter plus de retard.
    J’ai eu une invitation de la part du Latina (que Adib connait bien). Nos premières consommations seront offertes par la maison.

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