Zaghouan Blog conference

Zaghouan Blog conference zagwane

After, the meetups, the Tunisian Aggregator, now we stepped forward something new, we target people, and that’s how we made up this first contact with real people no email, no posting just people to people conversation.
The first Blog conference that we’ve held in ISET Zaghouan (55 km to Tunis) last Wednesday was awesome, even with less that 100 students and that we’ve got there two hours late at 22, our speech wasn’t a waste of time, we were there united (Me, Tom, MMM, Mraihi and Moez), while Mr. Jamel and Mr. Jalel have been too kind to make the students busy while waiting through out quiz and logic games.
The speech was finished in the car, it was about “what is a blog” and “how to start blogging”, with even a little simulation because there was to internet connection, but all the girls knew already and got an email and that was enough to spread the voice of blogging :
– What is a blog (MMM)
– Therminol (Tom)
– Tunisian Blogsphere (Mraihi)
– Creating a blog start posting (Me)

The whole thing lasts about one hour and half, the students were all amused with this new discovery and were really excited even if they complain about the lack of Internet access, at the end it was clear that we’ve made a real cool view about blogging and especially Tunisian blogosphere (through Mraihi speeh).
The most surprising fact in that night, is about Moez who, despite the fact that he wasn’t a blogger and he doesn’t really understand it really good, made the others through his own basic words have a little more knowledge about what does that thing is, while we were almost a bit more scientific and academic that it should be for those beginners.
We want to thank all those who’s effort was the success key of this event as a premier, we thank especially Mr. Ridha the dormitory’s director who accepted us for this show, Mr. Akrout Jamel who helped with some speech and the Data show, Mr. Jalel for his efforts supporting our team, Moez who drove us in his own car there !
This should be the first, we are looking forward to spread the voice of blogging everywhere we can have a speech, we are scheduling an other conference not so far from Zaghouan too in the next weeks. We will do everything to help other at no cost people, just for sharing the pleasure of blogging.
[Zaghouan Blog conference Gallery]
Update : This is the slide (French – about 700 Bytes).


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Napo says:

    Guys, this is a great initiative !!!! Kudos.
    You got my entire support.

  2. Hannibal says:

    That was a good initiative! Congratulations guys and hope this kind of meetings will continue in the future.
    One question why was the audience exclusively girls? where’s the boys? or may be this is a dormitory for girls only.

  3. Hannibal says:

    Karim please correct me if I am wrong. ISET stands for Institut Superieur des Etudes Technologiques de Zaghouan and no internet connection???! I am sorry I couldn’t get that.

  4. Karim2k says:

    Yes, hannibal it’s a girl’s dormitory.
    The dormitory is a bit new and they are still waiting for coumputers and connection.

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