Snawsi in da Block

This is one of the best Tunisian English spoken Blog I’ve ever red in my life, despite the basic Blogger template and the poor design the blog is brightened with the excellent quality of the inside text, I didn’t knew that it was Tunisian without getting back a mail from the blogger, I like this blog start-up post :

OK, I know it’s BLOG but it’s like moving to a new block, getting to know a new community with some new rules, new behavior, new style. Sounds like a NY gangstar babe, … Honestly, I wonder what kinda style I should adopt for this blog …

Honestly dude my English sucks and I should take a rope, got it ? By the way Houssein, you have to add it on the list.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. snawsi says:

    Ok, Karim , I was so surprised about this post. I mean I was cheking on your blog and I found out that you were talking about mine!
    Sounds like a big publicity for my “poorly designed” blog so now I guess I’ve to make some efforts and you’re gonna help me improve it 😉
    Thank you so much buddy 🙂

  2. Karim2k says:

    Sure , I’ll take any ride with you 😉

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