The crazy rain

water blast Tunis

The rain isn’t that hard to carry out, but when the drop turns crazy, it’s all Tunis city that goes under the water, the strrts becomes a venician landsacpe, and peapole just need to get back home, in all this I have taken shots up my balcony in my 3rf g fllor, but most of the photos are so funy don’t miss the show and take a look above.
[The crazy rain Gallery]


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  1. houssem says:

    ah si j’avais un appareil photo…
    vous seraient choqués de l’etat à el wardia..

  2. Hannibal says:

    My Goshh was that Tunis or New Orleans?? it is no secret when it rains in Tunis it’s a real mess!
    this pic just made me think how crazy this guy is!

  3. moez says:

    heureusment que ton appat. tien encore le coup…

  4. snawsi says:

    It was really a mess yesterday but the bigger mess was in my place:I left a window wide open so you can’t imagine how it was when I got back home 🙂

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