Zaghouan’s ISET

iset zaghouan zagwane mograne

The ISET of Zaghouan located at the right side of the road while you’re getting to Zaghouan (55km to Tunis), exactly at the edge of al Mograne (7km to Zaghouan) is new High school born, it has been build five years later(2001) and started the studies since that October (almost later in December) while construction were still in progress.
The campus is threaten in a green wide area with a huge view of the mountain, a superb view that we can’t get from Zaghouan, the air is fresh and the the calm is dominating the whole place expression, I have spend a while visiting the inside, and got really sold : the buildings were really well done, thus in addition to two bed rooms and many local clubs and workshops. The ISET is the scond high school after the University of food indistries wich is too old (about 60 years).
The short visit has taken me back to my Nabeul’s ISET days when I got there to study computing, we didnt get the same comfort and the campus was a little far from the town, I wish just if I could get turn back in time …
[The ISET at Zaghouan Gallery]


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