Shut up !

It’s enough ! the monkey show should cut off now, we have been humilated while whatching those peapole pretending defending the Islam buring danish, german and europeean flags, something really disgusting, auwfully disturbing !
The cartioons are tough, that’s ok, danish foreign minuster have appologized, the newspaper too, everybody everywhere have blamed the cartoons, we have boycoted danish products (even we have so few danish products in Tunisia), peaple everywhere have gone on strike and that’s fine !
But those brutal actions lately eneganged in damascous, Tehran , kabul , … are unwanted, they don’t defend the prophet of the Islam , they are just feeding the hate and making the extremists of the both sides happy.
Please in the name of the name of Allah and his cherfull prophet stop this propaganda, danish peaple are not our target, the cartoons are just some meangingless drawings and Islam is getting the worst reputation ever, save you energy there is thousnads of ways to show your faith ! Danish peapole haven’t handled that pencil, and don’t ever agree with the makers of the trouble, remember that ther are tens of mosques ther wich shows clearly their acceptance of Islam.
We are just spreading the conflict over and over, this is a call to all bloggers and maybe journalists to shout it clearly, that the trouble must get over, we love Denmark, Europe and all the world, and we’re sure that they agree with this, so stop it now and shut up your dirty mouth for ever !


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  1. Nasnoussa says:

    Well said Karim, thx.

  2. Barley Green says:

    This violence does not give Muslims a bad name, it shows that it is a violent people. All they need is an excuse to riot. Because their hearts are not changed. And guess what they attack? Right, a christian ministry in their town.
    They did not attack the newspaper office right.
    That is because the devil attacks his ennemies where they are.
    All in all they show that all of them have a bomb in their turban ready to go off at any time, in any muslim country.
    The news proves that the cartoon was right.

  3. tunisie pays de la paix says:

    salut suite a ce que ta ecris suite aux reactions qui on etais prises dans certaines pays muslimanes comme la syrie iran et afganistan c’est vrai ta raison que le boycotage a fait de bien mais aussi si tu dis que le peuple danois c’est pas notre cible ben si tu dois savoir que suite a un referundom la plupart du peuple danois etais pour ne pas donner des excuses en plus pourquoi eux sont contre nous meme si qlq uns font des attaques alors ils sont unies contre nous ainsi ils traite tous les muslumans comme des terroristes portant ceux qui ont attaqué les usa ou l’espagne ou bali sont une minorité… alorsc’est vrai c’etais une reaction contre les carecatures mais au font ce sont bcps d’autres himiliations contre l’islam et les muslumans meme leurs medias trouves des excuses irreels pour nous condamner alors on demande que une excuse c’est pas seulment des danois mais aussi de tous les gouvernements que leurs medias ont republiés les carecatures nous les respectons alors ils sont obliger de nous respecter

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